What Is Social Responsibility

What is social responsibility? A socially responsible person, organization or entity acts to positively impact society. Being sensitive to the things around them and performing ethically is what a socially responsible body does.

This ideology applies not only in business and economy but to all. Being socially responsible can be done in little ways such as avoiding harmful acts or doing things that will benefit other people. A person can be socially responsible by engaging in activities that is aimed toward the improvement of the community where he is residing. Participating in programs that help solve issues and problems concerning the environment is also one way of being socially responsible. Donating and volunteering to organizations that are doing programs for the improvement of the community is also a simple example of individual social responsibility.

In the field of business, it is called corporate social responsibility. The actions done by corporations can largely affect the society and the careless decisions that they make can negatively impact the lives of the people surrounding them. This is why corporate social responsibility was formed. CSR or corporate social responsibility is about performing business that will help improve the quality of life of the employees and contribute positively to the economy of the country.

A socially responsible corporation is able to function and do business while contributing in the development of the society and the people in the company. The institution makes decisions not only thinking about the gain of the company but also taking into consideration its impact to the people and their valued customers and employees.

An example of corporate social responsibility is not increasing the prices of the products they are selling even if it’s beneficial to company. This will prevent inflation and benefit their customers. Another is, to help reduce poverty rate in the community, the company hires poor people even though they are under qualified for the positions.

Knowing what is social responsibility is important for every business and corporations. There are so many ways to help the society. Educating the people and communities and offering them livelihood program is one example. Preventing damage caused by the corporations wastes to the community by recycling it and making a department or plant necessary for the recycling process, is also an example. This way both parties are benefitted, wherein the people in the community are not put into danger while the company is also earning from there recycled products. Researches performed by corporations are also examples of social responsibility. Discovering cure for diseases, promoting recycling and environmentally products, donating in charity, raising funds for the poor and recalling products are just a few ways for corporations to show social responsibility.

What is social responsibility’s main purpose? Over all the main goal of social responsibility is to improve society and the lives of the people. Some corporations find it hard to be socially responsible because performing good deeds can cause a lot of money which may result to the company’s bankruptcy, loss of employment for their workforce and be a disappoint in the part of customers. This is why corporations should only do socially responsible activities to which they are only capable of doing.

Ways of showing social responsibility for corporations can be very obvious while it can also be done by simply operating business legally within the norms of society. Making decisions that are influenced by societal norms means taking into consideration whether what you do in the company will be beneficial also to the society.

A socially responsible business is not self centered. It does not perform activities that will benefit only the company while harm others. Although earning good money is part of doing business, the profit of the company should not make way to doing unethical actions.

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